An Open Letter to the Silence Breakers

Dear Silence Breaker, 

We believe you. Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, age, or legal status. As a domestic and sexual abuse crisis center, we operate separately from the legal system and have no authority in playing judge and jury over your story. We’re here to listen, provide you with options, and empower you to create a safe and healthy life for yourself. 

We are proud of the strength and courage you exhibited when you came forward and told your story. You are paving the way to a healthier future not only for yourself, but also for the rest of us. For the girls and boys who will one day enter the film and entertainment industries, legislative offices, churches, military, and corporate offices. 

For the thousands of women and men who currently experience sexual misconduct and harassment in their workplaces – we hear you. Without individuals like you who are willing to come forward and shatter the silence that so often cloaks these cases, no progress can be made. Your reports to law enforcement, crisis hotlines, and human resource departments are vital because they are the necessary first step in an investigation. 

With more and more people like you speaking out and saying “Me Too” we hope that more institutions will begin to investigate these cases rather than sweep them under the rug. These investigations, reviews, and continued media coverage are beginning to unsettle the distribution of power. As with any movement, there is always resistance and backlash. Those who stand to lose power and status will begin to perpetuate the idea of rampant false reporting and unfair hardships on alleged perpetrators. Fear not dear Silence Breaker, this is a long-standing tactic meant to silence and discredit you. Stay resolute in your request for an investigation and accountability. 

To those Silence Breakers who did not have a public platform to share their story, have chosen to remain anonymous, or have not yet come forward, we’re here for you too. Find support from a friend, loved one, a helpline, the human resources department and your job, law enforcement and or the legal system. Tell your story; make the report, your safety and wellbeing are important. Everyone deserves the ability to participate in their workplace or community free from sexual harassment and misconduct. 

Finally, to those impacted by sexual abuse, whether personally or through supporting a friend or loved one, reach out to a free and confidential helpline like ours, 24 hours a day by calling (570) 421-4200. 


Advocates at Women’s Resources of Monroe County, Inc.