All services are FREE & CONFIDENTIAL and are available to anyone affected by domestic and sexual abuse – of any sexual orientation, gender identity, age, economic status or cultural background.

To reach a counselor any time of the day or night, call: 570-421-4200

Our hotline is available in both English and Spanish, as well as in other languages, via a translator service line.


Our hotline is available to anyone who needs help: victims, their families and friends, and professionals who seek information about how they might better meet the needs of their clients. Our counselors have received training in the dynamics of abuse and violence and understand the complex issues involved. All our services are trauma-informed and survivor centered, which emphasizes the emotional, psychological and physical safety of our clients.

Crisis services such as requests for shelter, accompaniment to hospitals for a forensic exam, crisis counseling, and information and referrals all flow through our 24-hour hotline.

When you call our hotline, you will be connected either immediately (during business hours) or via an answering service (non-business hours) to a trained crisis counselor. ALL our services, including hotline are completely confidential. The counselors will listen to you, offer you options and services as appropriate.


All counselors and advocates are mandated by law to report child abuse, as are other professionals who come into contact with children throughout the course of their business.

woman making a call with a cell phone