Legal Advocacy and Court Accompaniment

All services are FREE & CONFIDENTIAL and are available to anyone affected by domestic and sexual abuse – of any sexual orientation, gender identity, age, economic status or cultural background.

Legal advocates accompany victims of domestic and sexual violence and their significant others during PFA hearings, Magisterial District Justice hearings, and trials, and provide support, encouragement, and information about available options and resources.

Please note that Safe Monroe’s advocates are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice.

If you are interested in filing for a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order, are going through the civil or legal process as a result of domestic or sexual abuse, or just want to know your options, please call our 24-hour hotline to speak to a counselor and set up an appointment with one of our Legal Advocates: 570-421-4200.

Protection From Abuse Page

Female speaking to court with judge looking on in background