Hi! I’m the Prevention Education Specialist over at Safe Monroe. Welcome to our new, online educational resource page!

We at Safe Monroe are proud to provide our clients and community members resources to empower young people and keep them safe. We believe that it is parent’s responsibility to help keep kids safe and we want to encourage safety education. One of the most important things we can do is to make sure that the young people in our lives know that we care about their safety through what we show them and what we tell them.

I want to make the informative page a place for families, kids, staff, and supporters in our WRMC community to draw information– and to encourage each of you to share it with all of the kids – and adults – who are important to you.

You will find a resource section of books, audio-visuals, coloring pages, and other teaching tools especially appropriate for kids K-6. I hope you find these to be simple, concrete and provide information addressing attitudes, values, and skills to lead to positive behavior change in young people.

We can show them we care by being safe people to come to with their problems and by discussing this message with each of them.


Video Resources


Safe Secure Kids

In this online interactive game, you’ll join Heart at the Town of Consent to help build the town statue! Along the way, you’ll learn about the importance of respect, empathy, and compassion.